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President's Letter

Dear Members of the Arizona Swiss Society:

Spring Picnic Report

I am so delighted to report to you

the success of our annual Spring

Picnic on April 23.  First and

foremost we have Susan Oake and

Kurt Schittli to thank for their

organization and planning.  You

have to appreciate that even though

the event is partly potluck, the

sausage planning, coordinating all

the accoutrements and decorations,

arranging drinks, and volunteer organization for all the elements and the willingness to manage cleanup is a worthy service to the Society.  Please thank them every chance you get and then step up and volunteer.  I promise that it can be fun to be a part of the action.

Volunteers to thank for the Spring Picnic include (in alphabetical order) Kurt Benninger, Ciglia Littlefair, Isabelle Blanchere, Alain Butberger (great decorations), David Campbell (great check in management), Lilly Gamma, Barbara Ellingson, Jason McKenzie, Jack Mote, John and Susanne Rudolph (beer meisters), Derek and Melissa Osborne (beer enthusiasts), Rachel and Dave Saunders, and Heidi Wolf.

Objectif Soleil

Letter from the President

As most of you know, I had the great fortune to have had some insight and peripheral involvement with Solar Impulse 2 last year being passionate about the project. I remain in contact with a few of the team members to this day. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg wrote book about the experience full of personal insights, their highs and lows and the challenges they faced in engineering, financing, logistics, international diplomacy, weather, and personnel name a few. I heartily recommend the book

(in French) to anyone even mildly interested in the project.  You'll learn how “An Idea Born in Switzerland” went from an impossible dream to fly around the world without a drop of fuel to eventual success.  

August First

By the time you get this letter we will have had our August First pool party at Steve and Dorris Tores' house on Sunday August 6.  Happy Birthday Switzerland!  I hope that you picked up your Pro Patria pins, I only ordered one sheet of 20 and they're really slick this year being three-dimensional.  If any are left then you're welcome to purchase them.  Price is $6 each.

Chus, and may the spirit of Switzerland live long in you.

John Thornton